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Building Black Visionaries and Leaders of Tomorrow
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About the Leaders of Tomorrow Program®?

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT)® program was launched to empower young visionaries intellectually and economically to create a world where diversity and inclusion are fundamental to their values. The LOT Program is a comprehensive programmatic approach for providing leadership development and educational training to high school students. LOT offers participants scholastic resources, practical knowledge, and hands-on opportunities in the way of instructional workshops, mentoring college scholarships, and professional internships. LOT is an instructive and engaging developmental program that encourages students to realize their full potential.

Our Local Approach

The mission of the LOT® program is to engage students in meaningful character and leadership experiences. Programming is designed to develop students ability to navigate complex life situations by participating in monthly skill building sessions and workshops. The program consists of online and in-person sessions focused on the four pillars of leadership, college readiness, career preparation, and financial literacy.

Our program uses a team approach that involves dedicated advisors and volunteers to facilitate sessions and draws upon the unique perspective of guest speakers to provide a wide-range of personal experiences across industries.

Leaders of Tomorrow® Pillars & Themes

Program Components

Why You Should Join Leaders of Tomorrow®

Leadership Development

Students learn and practice the skills to become successful leaders.

A Network of Supporters

We have a strong network of motivated business professionals who support our young leader’s growth with practical knowledge and hands-on opportunities.

Unique Experiences

Students receive real-life experiences from dedicated advisors, industry experts, and mentors. We facilitate sessions that draw upon the unique perspective of our guest speakers or specific program topics to provide a wide-range of business experiences across industries.

Scholarship Opportunities

The LOT® Program offers many local and national scholarship opportunities for participants seniors.

Who Can Participate?

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the LOT® Program. Up to 20 students will be selected to participate in the SF LOT® Program for the 2022-2023 academic year. There is a $15 membership fee for each future leader. 

Our Team

Myisha Robertson
Myisha Robertson

LOT® Advisor

Kori Scott
Kori Scott

LOT® Chair